Association of Tanzania Adventist Proffesionals & Enterpreneurs

Our Purpose is to mobilize church members to use their God-given Professions, Talents and Wealth for the improvement of the well-being of their fellow members and the community in which they live, and for the advancement of the gospel work.


The Association of Tanzanian Adventist Professionals and Entrepreneurs (ATAPE) is a faith-based organization within the Seventh – Day Adventist (SDA) Church in Tanzania that brings together all professionals and entrepreneurs.  The organization was established in 1998 by a group of Seventh-Day Adventist professionals who found it necessary to not only use their professions for individual benefit but also for the LORD, their fellow church members, and the community at large.  Over the years that followed, there was a growing need to incorporate entrepreneurs into the Association.  Finally, in 2012,  the decision was made, and the name ATAPE was born.


An association of people who love God with all their hearts, all their minds, all their strength and soul.


Using our God-given professions, talents, skills, opportunities, and resources in the Church to proclaim the gospel to all nations.


  • To foster Christian fellowship amongst Seventh-day Adventist professionals and entrepreneurs.
  • To unite Sabbath-day Adventist professionals and entrepreneurs Tanzania to support and advance God’s work.
  • To empower its members through seminars, conferences, conferences, and exhibitions to be prepared to identify existing talents and opportunities and use them.
  • To create a ready forum for members to meet, interact and exchange ideas at personal and group levels
  • To encourage its members to uphold and maintain an upright and respectable spiritual, moral, and social image of the Adventist Community in the public.
  • To remind and encourage entrepreneurs and professionals to use their talents and wealth for the development and growth of the church of God and the community, so that through them the church might reach her desirable goals.

Become an ATAPE member


ATAPE membership is exciting and rewarding. ATAPE members share a common goal to support the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church in reaching the world with the good news of God’s love by “Sharing Christ in the Marketplace.”
In getting to know other members at local and national conventions and conferences, you’ll develop a deepening love for both the ATAPE family and the worldwide church family.

ATAPE Collaborators

ATAPE collaborates with other organizations, within Tanzania and abroad, toward their shared goal of improving the well-being of the community and sharing the gospel message.